Sentiment Analysis API FAQ

Access to the Sentigem Sentiment Analysis API

How do I sign up?
Sign up with us here preferably using your corporate email. Then activate your account using the link we send to your email. Once signed in, ensure you register for an API Key for your automated API calls.
What languages are supported?
At present, we're an English only service. Work is underway to support other languages. Please check with us from time to time for updates regarding multi-lingual support.
Can I resell the Sentigem Sentiment Analysis API?
No, you are not permitted to resell the Sentigem Sentiment Analysis API service without prior permission from us. Please contact us should you be interested to do so.

Data confidentiality

Does Sentigem use the text content I send?
Sentigem will not use any of your textual content for any purpose other than to provide you with the API service.
Will Sentigem share the text I analyze with third parties?
Sentigem will not, under any circumstances, make the content of the text that you analyze available to the public, or share it with anyone else, except as necessary to provide you with the API service.
Does the Sentigem Sentiment Analysis API support secure connections?
Yes, the Sentigem API service is HTTPS-only with SHA2 128-bit encryption.
Does Sentigem claim ownership of the content I send for analysis?
No. We do not. Pure and simple.

Technical points

Why do I sometimes get an HTTP error code from the API?
This may be due to an internal server error or the service being temporarily unavailable for one reason or other. You'll not be charged in the event this happens. Please remember that the only prerequisite for a successful response is HTTP response code 200. Ensure you handle HTTP error scenarios gracefully within your app.
What is the maximum number of characters per request?
It's advisable to send no more than 100,000 ASCII characters per request for analysis to avoid server errors. Extremely large textual input may be rejected by the server even though this is not always the case as we usually try to serve all incoming requests.
How about HTML/XML tags?
The Sentigem Sentiment Analysis API will not analyze HTML/XML tags but such tags will contribute to your total character count. Ensure you pre-process your input text to a desired format before making a request to the API.

Last updated Thursday, July 16th, 2020.

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